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Voting for anyone but Dee

Trisha will be the reason Dee loses. She is a complete mess. No strategy no experience. She is nice enough but just takes orders from Dee and Adair. He should have hired Olivia to run his campaign again. She knows how to get things done.

Vero for Mayor

Carbajal all the way!!!!!

Xavier Miranda

I cannot stand Leeser but he is clearly the front runner. Commercials that make no sense run every 30 minutes. Leeser seems like he wants its more, I got a pathetic postcard from Dee that mumbled some trash like Leeser does on TV. Both of them suck.

Poppy watcher

Side piece? LMAO. Max, get your head out of the gutter. Why would someone pay someone else $70,000 for nothing?

Larry Gainor

Relatively new to EP politics. Are Leeser's contributions from a post-political-contribution pardoned bank fraudster (Stanley Jobe) and a guy convicted for domestic violence and violation of a protective order (Paul Malooley) not a big deal? I mean "Dr." Sam Morgan's still running despite domestic violence problems, but still...


Larry, I wish I could vote for Carbajal or Gallinar. I just don't give a shit about anything she talks about. My family and I have been recovering and we need to know how we are going to get out of this mess. Gallinar is a puppet for Escobar and O'Rourke, so I guess its between a guy who takes money from crooks or spends it on his "side chicks".


olivia kissed her job good bye, when she partnered with Trasha, or Trisha. Dee will lose, trash & olive oil will soon be history. Carbajal won't get my vote. all she does is tell us whats wrong. We all can see that. Gallinar only says he's a friend of Escobar & Beto (who cares)...so voters, wake up & smell the coffee.


I'm trying to choose between Gallinar and Carbajal. I don't remember Leeser's term being any different than Margo's - high taxes used to bribe out of town corporations to come and pay us incredibly low wages, and used to kick poor people out of downtown in order to build shit that 95% of El Paso will never use. If there's a runoff between Leeser and Margo I will not vote in it. Zeilsdorf seems like a nice guy but has no name recognition, so he's wasting his time. And Martinez is apparently a Trump person and thus worse than Leeser or Margo. Can anyone give me a reason why Gaillinar is better than Carbajal or why Carbajal is better than Gallinar?

Bye Dee

Gallinar and Carbajal can’t compete. Sad it’s up to the gringos. I say Leeser takes it. Adair running a campaign is a disaster. Her distasteful emails calling Leeser a loser and idiot did it for me. I cannot stand Dee’s arrogance reminds me too much of Trump.

Too Bad For Dee

You have Trisha ruining his campaign and Olivia destroying him from inside City Hall. No one likes working with them. Not sure either are doing him any good at this point.

Go Gallinar

I hope Dee got some action for $70K. Judging by the numbers on first day of early voting, Trisha is the piece of shit we all thought she was.

Miner prof

Who’s Trisha? Who cares. Gallinar is going to get his ass kicked bad. Vero, the cute one, will come in 3rd but her Chicano rhetoric is so 1969. Leeser is taking this election or at least coming at 40-45%.

Carbajal 2020

Leeser has been an absentee candidate who has articulated absolutely zero vision for why he think he deserves a second term. I still think he makes the runoff on name recognition alone and then loses to Carbajal.


Carbajal talks about everything nobody cares about. We can’t ALL be lawyers from Brown.

Stay away

Trisha is a little Mexican whore who found her way into politics. First with Rep. Marquez then FORMA and now Margo. She fancies herself a diplomat from Mexico City but the truth is her mother is some whore from Mexico that came to El Paso illegally looking for any idiot to take care of her. Trisha will bite every hand that feeds her or her family. I have seen it first hand. She speaks badly about Margo and her previous employers. I warned Rep. Marquez about her but clearly my warnings were unheaded.

Carbajal 2020

I agree that not everyone cares about the things Carbajal talks about. But Leeser talks about nothing at all. And I'll take someone who's passionate, even if I don't share all her passions over someone who seems to be passionate about nothing.

No to Gallinar

Gallinar still has not explained why the EPISD Internal Auditor named him in a report (Fall 2019) regarding $8 million in Bond money for change orders and additional services authorized by Gallinar that was not approved by EPISD Board of Trustees. His only comment was "its not true". Prove it. Clear your name. Internal Auditors don't just throw things like that in an audit for fun. He left EPISD right before the auditors report came out to open his own company.


I honestly don't remember any policy differences between Leeser and Margo. If there's a runoff between the two of them I wouldn't bother voting. That being said, I expect there to be a runoff between Leeser and somebody. Who do you all expect to be the somebody in a runoff with Leeser?

New Mayor in Town

Leeser and Carbajal in a a runoff. Leeser 39%, Carbajal 25%, Margo 23%

Carbajal 2020

Damn NMIT, only 13% for Gallinar? I think he'll do better than that on the Beto and Veronica E. endorsements alone. Whatever one may think of them, they do have a big following. Other than that I think you're spot on.
I'd say Leeser 32%, Gallinar 20%, and leave the other two how you predicted. Then the runoff will come down to how hard Carbajal works to get out the vote.

Gallinar is just not enough

Carbajal 2020, I completely agree. BETO and VERONICA have a great following but Gallinar just doesn't cut mustard. He doesn't connect. His mannerism are rigid and forced. I just can't believe him. Dee has great answers but his arrogance is so huge I cannot imagine having the poor city employees and other representatives having to work with such an asshole during these trying times. I hear his assistant Olivia is a tyrant and disrespectful to everyone which shows his leadership style allows for poor behavior. My advice is don't throw your vote away, vote for Leeser and save our community money and avoid a run off.

Cemelli is a loser

Cemelli SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS endorsed Carbajal. She is sure to lose about 100,000 votes now.

Carbajal 2020

GIJNE - I agree with you about Dee. He's been terrible for the El Paso. But I wasn't impressed with Leeser's last term and I don't know why he think he deserves another chance. He's been silent on all the major issues of the day which leads me to conclude that either he doesn't care or he doesn't want us to know what he really believes. But with that said, I would likely pick him if he ends up in a runoff with Dee


How would Leeser be any different from Margo? I already voted for someone else but convince me before the runoff.


Specifically, how would Leeser be better on reducing virus numbers, stopping wasteful spending, and lowering taxes?

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