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"... $185 million, but that was back using numbers 10-15 years ago."

And who made up those numbers?

Rico Suave

"Vote Veronica Carbajal" so what are her qualifications or background???

Bye bye Dee

Margo is done. There is no coming back for him. He is an epic failure.

Dee is a Millionaire

Margo doesn’t give a shit about this race. Move on Max. Stop picking on Dee. He’s a millionaire who’s not afraid to lose.

Mayor Leeser wins in November

Leeser already has some heavy hitters in a commercial. Gallinar, Carbajal and Margo can barely gain interest in their campaigns. This really seems like a no brainer. Leeser takes it with no run off.

No Margo

Margos assistant Trisha is utterly useless. I have called many time trying to talk to someone from the campaign and she rarely responds, never has a clear answer and has zero information. She is in over her head and so is Margo. Save face and don’t run.

Walter Mercado

Let's see what the first debate brings...Wednesday is the big day. My bet is that Carlos performs, Veronica is annoying, Leeser tries to nice guy it and Dee is condescending

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