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Mr. Torres

Annello is done. All she has to show for 4 years in office is a fat mouth and a fat ass.

Who cares

Why post about Annello now?

Max Powers


Cos David K and Jaime are AWOL. This is their bag, but unfortunately I have to fill up some space before we talk about me and my Wuhan again.

That and Annello does read this shit.




Soviet-style take over of local industry such as that of the local utility...

Not sure what's worse: the city runs its electric utility (fairly common in USA) or it's run by a hedge fund of MBAs who only virtue signal their commitment to service. I would choose the city, knowing that it will be a boondoggle for the Usual Suspects, but their pimps can be voted out. If only people voted.

Council sux

Annello is a piece of shit in most of everything. However she was right on the pay raises for Gonzalez and Neiman. When you furlough so many employees and then give pay raises to top executives, you don’t deserve to be in office. Out with Margo and out with Annello!!


Actually I'm voting for her because she's usually opposed to Margo, and therefore is a good person.

Annello is a waste

Actually I am not voting for Annello because all she has shown me she can do is be a bitter bitch. Sniping at Dee is boring. If you’re going to storm the castle, get some loot for your trouble.

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