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I agree with your assessment of the mayoral race but it's very confusing to me. Veronica Escobar beat her opponent in a landslide and Beto continues to be popular locally. Both have endorsed Gallinar. Yet Leeser remains the favorite. Why do you think this is? Regardless of how someone feels about Veronica Escobar and Beto, they have proven they can win elections, yet their candidate is polling behind a guy who takes no positions and does no campaigning. What gives?

Dr. Marin

Veronica Carbajal should be the clear frontrunner in this race. She is Latino, female and educated by some of the best schools in the world. She may be the best spoiler to the most contested race of the decade. Bottom line is that Carbajal is boring, talks rhetoric from the 60's and is dying to be different. Carbajal is the player joins the team but never really intends to play the game. She doesn't practice hard, doesn't hit the toughest guy on the team and never ever passes the ball. Veronica, you don't come from the bench to the Super Bowl so go raise money, get a platform that connects with voters and quit whining on social media and show this City that a woman is no one to be fucked with.

Leeser wins

Leeer is ahead because Gallinar is just not enough. He is a new and improved Steve Ortega. Some have it some dont. Beto and Veronica should know by now, they can't create a star.


I am the sort of voter that normally supports the most liberal candidate in any race, and you might assume the candidates I vote for normally win in El Paso but that's really often not the case (the big exceptions being O'Rourke and Escobar obviously).

And that's really the case in city cases more than county/state/national races because there's no primary and so all you local Republicans have more of a real effect in the city races.

Who is the last mayor that anyone could honestly call a liberal? Ray Caballero. And he was there a long time ago, and got pretty ignominiously trounced when he sought re-election. So I'd say you can either rest easy or rage against the dying of the light, but I don't think Carbajal's got a snowball's chance in hell.

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