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Max 2

Max. Please don’t compare Stephanie Acosta to any other of the joke campaigns being run. She is highly qualified and experienced.

a voter

Poor Dee, committed political suicide with Trisha. que tonto. he had to hire the HELP to run his campaign.

Concerned voter

I can’t believe Dee has spent that much money. I haven’t seen his campaign do anything. So sad he’s using it as a slush fund.


What is your hard on for Dee? Max you’re obsessed with a white man. Creepy.

Max Powers


Dee is not hot.




Now I know why he’s a millionaire. He’s a great salesman but terrible sell. Promised us so much. Failed to deliver a quality product.


Trisha works for Forma. Rick cut you off?

Connie Barlow

Stahala, well Trisha sucks and so does FORMA. Anyone with half a brain would have advised Mr. Margo that he HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Amazon coming to El Paso. Just a month ago, Amazon announced that they had not communicated with anyone from El Paso regarding their districbution site. Now he is taking credit for this? Classic, can't control his council but he's rubbing shoulder with Bezos. Yeah right.

Max is Lax

FORMA is not involved in political races anymore. Max, you need fresher sources of info. You miserable turd.

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