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Rico Sauve

Happy 4th of July


I'm glad I'm not the one calling the shots now with all this uncertainty. I assume the HOT is not, so does anyone know if the city will make debt payments for the stadium?

Dee sucks

You mean ask the idiot Mayor who said he is besties with Abbott? And then saw a 10x increase in COVID infections? No thanks.


The city is obligated to make debt payments on the bonds they sold. Crying about the now cancelled baseball season and who pays for what is really snarky. It's not like anyone planned for this to happen. No one should be cheering that the baseball season got cancelled. I am sure lots of people were depending on a job there for the season and that didn't happen for them.

BTW - Chihuahuas are allowing season ticket holders to carry forward their tickets for next year's season and if requested giving refunds.

County of El Paso has an RFP out asking for a market study to improve the Coliseum and Ascarate Park. Study should cover building an outdoor theater, increase the size of the coliseum. I think that's a great idea. Maybe the City should partner with them. Like that will ever happen.

Jerryk fan

max, what happened to Davidk ? he get the Corona ?

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