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Bye bye Dee

Are you kidding? Adair is just as delusional as Dee. Dee doesn't have a chance of being elected a second time.


Adair is an amazing person. I've always admired her. Presidential Medal of Freedom. I see Dee as the voice of Hunt and Foster on CC and of their agenda to privatize as much as possible of the city to their account while making us pay for it. A true Koch Bros Republican in the image of Hunt and Foster.


The last month and a half he has actually acted like a professional leader who cares about his constituents, unlike almost every other Republican in the country. I didn't vote for him last time but might consider it this time.


afdgadf, bullshit. why didnt he push to put off the Arena when we dont have the money. Jerryk is right above. Did we really need to to give money so Westar could have a tall bank building down town ?

Without Adair and her father Dee would be nothing. He is just a pompous ass.


nto Spanish
El alcalde no está en buena forma. Gracias a Adair y su equipo de niñas ineptos que llevan sus asuntos. Yo tiraría la toalla y devolvería el dinero a tus donantes, Dee. No eres mejor que los demás, no importa lo que las tontas te digan.

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