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Gallinar has no business being mayor. He has no real business experience. He was cited by the EPISD Internal Auditor for authorizing $8 Million in change orders for EPISD bond projects without Board approvals. He has yet to explain why the auditor found him at fault. It’s not good enough to say “that’s not true”. Prove it. Everyone thinks he will win because Beto and Vero are behind his campaign. Well, there are more people in this town that despise Beto and Vero than you would think. Houghton promoted this guy in the EPISD Bond Oversight committee to be Chair then told him what to do and then Cabrera hires the guy to run the entire facilities department at EPISD and he had no experience whatsoever in that type of job. Then he resigns all of a sudden on the heels of the auditor report to open his own planning business.

Let’s all hope and pray someone not already mentioned decides to run for Mayor.

And yes, Sarmeniego is an idiot and on a power trip run by Veronica in the background.


I would hope for Oscar Leeser to be mayor again. A decent man.


Dee is losing the battle and will likely lose the war. He is delusional about the City believing he can continue into a 2nd term. Leeser is playing it safe for now but has so much ammo against Dee, from the council he cannot control to a county judge he cannot see eye to eye with. Add on top of that the Gallinar and Carbajal camps will be in attack mode that will only boost Leeser. If I were Dee, I would bow out gracefully and take a hero's walk out of City Hall.

Bye losers

Out with Samaniego and Margo. We are in a worst place since they have come in to office. Samaniego is the most worthless person ever to be named on a ballot and Margo keeps taking it in the teeth from a ghetto ass bitch Cassandra


The city is bankrupt. It was nearly before COVID with all the vanity bond debt and cost overruns (the "Carmen tax"). But with the loss of sales tax revenue it is going down. Good, it will be like taking the bottle from a drunk.

But who wants to be the mayor of that? I predict that CC will raise cash thru land sales and the Usual Suspects will end up owning the city at fire sale prices.

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