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Silence Dogwood

Is Max female? He comes across that way much of the time. You know, petty, catty, envious of others who are actually engaged politically one way or another.

Max Powers


That is one hell of a misogynistic comment to make about females.

Not that I care that you made it, but I think someone such as yourself might.



Not a happy camper

Maybe you should be more focused on Miss Do Nothing Escobar. I know many people who haven't received their PPP Money from the Government because the Gub has run out of money for it. At least that's what the Banks are telling them. Maybe Escobar should be telling Pelosi to get off her ass and "fuck her ice cream bullshit" and get back to Washington and finish funding it so businesses that really need it get it. I bet the Kennedy Center got their money and they should have never been awarded it.


Omg she is scary.


Looks like she rolled out of bed just in time for the city council meeting.

fuck you

Wow, Max is a piece of shit. I live in district 2 and am voting for Annello for re-election.

Mama Cass-andra

Looks like you got Hernandez Brown and Annello tag teaming you on the comments! Two tons in the house!!!

Max Powers


To your first...okay.

Your second...good for you!



Silence Dogwood

"That is one hell of a misogynistic comment to make about females."

Comes from reading Huffington Post, the leading vagina-whiner blurb. And Max's blog, too.


Annello, it looks like it was one helluva party. Do I wear a mask when I go for my daily "healthy" walk over to the Tree to purchase some more junk food? Nope. Here's some good news: during the last 30 days of this half-assed lock down, your chances of dying in EP from COV are only 1/98000, and at least a pair of those fatalities include one very old person and one person with other serious issues. You don't have to agree with me when I say that I don't mind playing COVID roulette - Russian style. During the last 30, all I've doing is sleeping, eating, and staying away from people. But I thought a global pandemic was supposed to be a bad thing?

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