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Anyone but Margo

Carlos Gallinar just called Mayor Margo out! Where is US Rep. Escobar on this list? What about labor? Our firefighters and police officers have no representation. Dee's task force is a piece of shit. He is out in November. We've had enough of Trump and his cronies. Bye bye Margo!

Donnie Brasco

Any man that has to put his own son on a commission is a loser. I am deeply saddened that people with experience building their own wealth and not taking over daddy's business were not invited to this worthless task force.

Cows are dumb

Why isn't Olivia Zepeda the City Hall Cow on this taskforce?

Business Owner

Francis is on Gov Abbott’s task force and he already said he was against reopening Texas until there is a vaccine. Which is a year or more away or may never happen. 50 people is way too many people. It would have been better for the El Paso and Hispanic Chambers to put together a task force - not 50 people and include a limited number of government people. Should have every day business owners on there.

It will be a colossal waste of time and will take weeks before they come up with any ideas. Typical government reaction to a crises - appoint a task force. It will be a joke. Gallinar’s response was typical liberal Democrat. No solutions - just liberal talking points.

In the meantime, El Paso business owners should rise up - tell government to go to hell and open their doors.

Small business owner-NE

Business owner, I agree with you. A task force that big won't yield any real results. I do believe leaving state and federal leaders out of the mix is really stupid, this is where our funds are coming from and you leave them out of the loop? All of those on the task force are likely Margo's donors. This is just a fancy title for do nothings to save face with the one term Mayor.

Bye bye tyrant!

Olivia Zepeda is terrible. She walks around City Hall like she is the Mayor himself, she talks down to everyone as if Margo were a king maker. He won't be able to save his own election with people like Olivia running his office. I can't wait to return to work after the election and she is finally gone.


Hey brah, sorry to hear that some of your fam came down with the COVz. They're doing the Lord's work up there by making us some delicious tea to enjoy. Our local politicos did a horrendous job when things were "normal" which is why they have a 7000 person task force - so you don't know who to blame when the soon-to-be out of control spending becomes even more out of control. Plus, this many people will feel compelled to spend like crazy to show us that they "care."
Finally and most importantly, the one much, MUCH thing worse than a pandemic, is the fact that because of the new face covering reg, most El Pasoans will no longer be able to enjoy my abundance of handsomefulness. Haven't you already suffered enough?

Wrong priorities

His FB post about a cookout is ridiculous! They should be more worried about his level of drinking at events then if he’s having tea time with rich people only.

#MayorMargo is a loser

He is deleting all the negative comments on his thread. Glad he’s spending his time trying to improve his image instead of taking care of El Pasoans.

Franklin PTA

Max, can you please do a post on Freddy Klayel, he is the most f***ing annoying elected official ever.


So much for having a Republican mayor with influence in Austin.....

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