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Ms. Fierro

I will give credit where credit is due. Veronica is a hard worker, strong campaigner and a smart woman. She does have a problem staying in her lane and keeping her mouth shout when it comes to politics above her pay grade. She interjects herself in almost every branch of local government and leadership circle to control and manipulate. If she put this much energy into getting federal dollars invested into El Paso, we would be the jewel of the Southwest.


Max, what democrats should i vote for today who have the most chance to lose against the republican challenger later ?

Max Powers


The race change a lot in the last 24 hours.

Bernie has the better shot of winning against Trump, but the party does not want Bernie. The Party will tear itself apart to prevent Bernie, and just might succeed in doing so. But Bernie supporters ain't gonna show up for Biden.

So vote for Bernie!



David K


How long have we not actually known each other? 10 years? Bernie never had a chance and will never have a chance. Vero made the best choice for her.

Max Powers

David K,

Ten years?!?! Dafaq? Been that long already...shit.

I never expected Escobar would endorse Bernie. She has invested too much into the Party to buck it. But that still don’t change the fact she sucks ass.



Jack Rabbit

Maybe Tamayo can get a job with Rep. Ordaz Perez answering phones.

Max Powers


By the looks of things, Claudia might have to end up hiring Vince.



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