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My daddy Jaime

Ross Moore aired himself out made it all public like a clown. What is your obsession with Jaime? What the hell kindve secrets happen in Austin that the tax payers aren’t aware of anyway? Please do tell? Take the veil of secrecy off. Law makers need to get to Austin file and pass bills. No one cares about their affairs or who’s drunk with who. Get real dude.
I am the real Jaime

Max Powers

"Lawmakers need to get to Austin tile and pass bills."


Now you understand the issue.



I’m the real Jaime

Stop day drinking.
My daddy Jaime

Max Powers

I don't drink.



Blogger too

Agreed Max. Jaime could be a 2 ton ape that blogs. It’s not personal. Oh wait a minute, he is. No one will trust Claudia with that gorilla mouthing off at any moment.

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