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Sito is a loser

Let's hope Sito is a has been like you Max!

Max Powers


I’m a beautiful man.



Richard is fraud

They are closing bars and restaurants, I want to know what will happen to Richard Castro's terrible toupee! I guess he will be sporting the Fred Loya look now...Castro is a loser.

F.A. Sommerfeld

Sito is El Paso's best hope for the future. And it is impossible to overpay him.


I met Sito about 15 years ago when he was running NewsPaper Tree, the only publisher in town doing what the EP Times should have been doing - exposing the inner workings of this town's corrupt government. We all have to make a living here, so don't drive the good guys out with your stupid comments.

Max Powers


What corruption did he expose?

The only person that exposed anything was a county commissioner.



Patrick McDonnell

Hear, hear, JerryK and Mr. Sommerfeld. I know firsthand that Sito could have had a much more profitable career in Las Vegas, and he turned it down to return to El Paso because he cares about El Paso and wants to help the city in every way he possibly can. He is all in for El Paso. El Paso is lucky to have him and needs a hundred more just like him. Sito to the nth degree.

Non corrupt citizen

Sito is a joke

Patrick McDonnell

Non-corrupt citizen,
Those of us who say otherwise put our names on our comments. That's because we're willing to stand up and be counted, and because we are able to cite facts that demonstrate what we say is true.

Timothy Pratt

Here here, "Max Powers" and all the rest. If being a "dreamer" means having principles, then I saw that in Sito's journalism, and know any local politics could sure use some, including El Paso's.

Chuck Norris

If the corona virus wishes to remain in existence, then it better hope that I don't catch it.

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