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EPCC professor

I was not impressed by Tamayo at all. Screaming every 5 minutes that you are "annointed" does not make me believe you can represent me. She also ripped on Ordaz for raising taxes, but Tamayo brags to anyone who will listen that she passed a referendum raising our taxes. Make up your mind Tamayo-you can't be a princess and a pauper. Also lose Grossman, if you want any credibility to work with anyone locally.


Sorry Max but you can't fix stupid. Seems like the delegation let her have her way and then dropped her. Left her on her own.


The whole “I come from immigrants” entitles me to be your voice comes across as desperate. How many damn times must she say “I’m endorsed by most of the delegation” she also worked for most of them, they also are funding her campaign. The delegation has made a mockery of themselves by choosing someone who hasn’t even lived or worked in El Paso, doesn’t really know district 76 demographic, clearly has no depth when it comes to policy.
Next session will be interesting Moody will have zero role as speaker, the delegation will have egg on their face when COP wins. Lucky for them COP has experience dealing with difficult people, she will gladly accept their apology.

Max Powers


Some of y’all really salty.



Naive Max

Not salty Max, I think you just oversold her. But once again, not everything that glitters is gold. You should have learned by now.

Max Powers


"I think..."





No choice in 76

You watch.....tamayo is going to have huge PACS pouring money into her race. Poor little rich girl all while she’s pointing a finger at Ordaz. Hypocrisy knows no limits.

Max Powers


I really do not care were either candidate gets their money.



Tamayo is a No

Tamayo looks like a PUTA in her mailer. Looks like she’s ready for you Max. Look

Max Powers


Not her fault that she was born HAWT.



HD 76 voter

I am not impressed by Tamayo. Her message is not clear at all. One day she is saying she is the children of immigrants and the next something about teachers and then she's grassroots. What does any of that mean? What does she stand for? Sounds to me like she is a secretary that thinks she can do the CEO's job after a day on the job. I love Blanco and I voted for him and will again but I cannot get behind him on this one. She is a mess, her pamphlets are glamour shots without any real substance. I am not a super fan of Claudia but she has a better grasp on the issues than Tamayo. Hell, I would vote for Norma Chavez if she were on the ballot. She is head and shoulders about glamour girl. Sorry Max, Tamayo should not quit her day job as a secretary.

Max Powers


Claudia was also secretary when she ran for public office. That did not stop her.



HD 76 voter

My vote is for Norma

your conscience

Max, your the Master Debater or at least the Master Debater without the De.

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