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EP voter

Interesting post Max, I heard a rumor that Dee is no longer using FORMA. Can anyone confirm?

HD 76 freak

Claudia is going to win. She was smart to use an attorney. It is so clear that Aaron Montes is not going to give her a fair story. Even a blind man can see that he has it out for her. He needs to go back to journalism school.

Max Powers


If she were THAT smart, she probably would have ran some of these things by an attorney prior to acting on them. It just sounds like no one is giving her an good advice over there.



Times Up Dee

Talk about good advice...Dee needs to start taking some. He has pre-schoolers running his campaign. Sorry, but champagne receptions and tea time affairs aren't going to win you a re-election. His campaign staff is worthless. They don't answer calls, never return emails. I have been trying for weeks to get him to speak to our organization. I gave up. Gallinar is a better choice.

A real Austin journalist

HD 76 race according to Aaron Montes:

Breaking News: A cockroach issued a press release written in chalk accusing Claudia Ordaz Perez of larceny, assault and more ethics complaints. The cockroach mumbled a statement that Ordaz Perez is a horrible human being and should be punished with jail time and millions of dollars in fines. Also, she should be publicly shamed and humiliated without any due process. We reached out to everyone that hates Ordaz and their comments are listed on the next 5 pages.
However, her opponent is endorsed by the Pope, President Obama, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Walter Mercado. She is the glowing representation of the womanhood, a state representative, a Chicana, a Juarenia. In fact, the Pope is considering her for sainthood while she is still alive and despite the fact she believes in abortion. That is how wonderful she really is. She is so wonderful that even cockroaches adore her. Please send all negative information about Ordaz Perez to my personal email or to personal cell immediately, I will post it without blinking twice.


HILARIOUS Real Austin Journalist! I don't read anything Aaron Montes writes. He is not that good at reporting.

The problem with Margo is that he still thinks he is CEO of a private company and therefore doesn't have to communicate with anyone he deems beneath him. He needs to put on some tennis shoes and start knocking on doors and getting some feedback from the citizens.


Not my vote
Not a chance

Luisa Tijierna

Trisha Encinas está dirigiendo la campaña de Dee. Es una niña que ayudó en la campaña de Samaniego. Es una empleada de campaña poco cualificada que habla mal de los que la han contratado antes. No estaría donde está sin traicionar a todos con los que ha trabajado.

Max Powers


She's already got more than enough votes to win it.



F Max

I agree Max. Claudia is taking it 46%

FU Max

Claudia 45% Tamayo 55%

Voter 2

Voter! Agreed. Dee needs to start hitting the ground, voters are engaged and they are ready for their leaders to engage them. He has done well but his distance is going to kill him in this race.


Voter and Voter2. Dee needs to let his wife run. She would do a better job. Dee would be nothing without her father anyway.

shame on margo

Voter 3, you so right. Judging from today, he dont even have a handle on his council. he better ask the pre-schoolers running his office what he do next.


Please have someone ask Claudia two last names why she is willing to take a pay cut. Will her personal income increase in Austin,TX? I bet my golf clubs her income has, and will increase.

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