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voter for the Burn

Way to go Marquez-Martinez; Queen Bee is truly a compliment

Yvan Torreon

Here is the thing. I'm not a huge fan of Marques personally but you bring up some interesting points about progressives and Bernie Sanders national campaign. For starters, I think that Marques is the only endorsement here locally worth mentioning. Beside being the only Latino/a, Stout and Annello are both serious antagonists that have little to show for their efforts other than the regular political rhetoric. Marques has been relatively quiet on the political front, which I think shows a true shrewdness. I think this stored up political capital and not to mention of few years to mature and learn will serve the Sanders campaign very well. In sum, her endorsement was the only endorsement of note plus she had a fairly good reputation for getting things done.
Now on to the progressives. I am sure the so called progressives will have a field day with Marques' involvement. The Max Grossmans, Elisa Tamayos, Ben Carnavales, Kathy Staudts, Jose Rodriguez's (although he spends $1,000 of campaign money a month on a Lexus) of the world feel that they are more entitled to the term than any local politician but lets look at the facts. All of those progressives are on the government tit sitting comfortably enough to take shots at anyone who takes a risk. THe irony is that the Staudts and Grossmans of the world benefit from the Hunts and the Fosters. Those businessmen do more for UTEP than UTEP has ever done for themselves. Private donations, donations to Republicans in Austin and DC who wouldn't think twice about UTEP when it came time to fund public education. There would be no job for them without them. They donate to politicians who are local instead of just bypassing to donate, still they're angry. If the business community here didn't bother to engage locally, nothing would happen to their bottom line. Hunt would continue to build somewhere else and make money, Foster would invest in some other community and then El Paso can stare at the progressives about what to do next...
My point is that progressives are just parasites. They live off us, they don't work to stand on their own, they don't contribute to solutions and when their host (business community, politicians) leaves, they eventually die out.
I think Grossman, Staudt and all the progressives need to take a step back and follow the money, the money that pays their bills.

Xavier Miranda - MAX'S NOTE: Possibly?

I agree. Marquez haters are fuming.

(MAX'S NOTE - Allegedly this is not a comment from Xavier Miranda. Apparently there is only one Xavier Miranda in El Paso and he commented below to state that this is not him. Truth be told, we may never know who is or who is not Xavier Miranda. In that regard, we all are Xavier Miranda).

Xavier Miranda

The 2/23/20 comment posted under my name was not made by me. My name has been used by folks trying to undermine the community advocacy I’ve engaged in, and it has escalated with the recent presidential campaign. I would ask the owner of the blog to better vet before names are posted.

For the record, this is the first time I’ve posted a comment on this blog. I relegate my online posts to community issues.


Xavier Miranda

Max Powers


While I do have you on here, so why you do you guys hate Marquez? Did it hurt to see her up there on the stage? Show us on the doll where Marquez hurt you.

But I assume you are you, and I’ll make a note of that in the prior comment comment.



Losers comment on blogs

Xavier is a very angry person. I have tried to join many movements of which he has been involved or coordinated. He spends his energy on attacking, bullying and demeaning almost anyone in political office or leadership. How anyone can take this man serious is beyond me. I quickly found another organization to volunteer my time. He seems to be more unfair to the women in power than their male counterparts which doesn’t surprise me that he may have a problem with Marissa. Max, save your time and don’t give that suppressed misogynist any air time.

Xavier Mirandola

Max, Viva la Marisa!
Xavier Mirandola

Real Democrat

To the real Xavier, your a joke. So the president is going to lose because your advocacy has been undermined.....puhhhhlease. Get a grip and grow a pair.

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