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Here is the history. Yes he is Paul Foster's brother in law. Artemia de la Vega built the Las Palmas Marketplace in east El Paso many years ago. Artemio no longer owns Las Palmas Market Place. He sold it to a venture capital company 6 or 8 years ago and it has since been sold again. He actually spoke against the Paul Foster/Alejandra dela Vega-Foster Fountains Shopping Center a few years ago at City Council as did Simon Malls.

Artemio moved away from El Paso about 10-12 years ago to Dallas.

I agree the stucco looks dumb.

No Corp Welfare

Voter is right. Timmy did not get any corp welfare for Las Palmas and bitched about why his brother in law did get it. If it was payback for the med school then so be it, but it really hurt the strip mall on Viscount which is owned by Mexican Nationals. They took Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and one other renter to the Fountains. Was that fair ? No. Only good thing about Artemio was his wife and I think they are now divorced. She was a very good person. Timmy not so much.

Max Powers


Payback for the medical school?





Payback to Foster for his 50 mill for the Texas Tech Medical School here. The incentives he got on the Fountains. Entiendes ?


Alejandra Catarina de la Vega Arizpe (or) de la Vega Foster, Secretary of Innovation and Economic Development of Chihuahua State is married to Paul Foster. She is Artemio's sister.

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