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David K

I have been saying this for a while. Down ballot democrats are going to be toast. Texas takes a huge leap right down ballot. This is going to be fun to watch.

Max Powers

It is true David K has been saying this.

But my fault at the time thinking it was something abstract. It did hit me until talking to my grandma yesterday that, "Rut-ro for some people who have high hopes."




You can be guaranteed if there is a huge up tick in requests for mail in ballots that there will be voter fraud. Everyone one will be "filling out" grandma's ballot for her. Can't wait. Watch for how many non "Olds" show up at Senior Rec Centers to push the "Olds" to fill out a request for a mail in ballot.

This will be a test for our Elections Administrator - see how sharp she is in catching any unusual activity for mail in ballots.

Margo is out

Margo loses. Looks like he has already given up. No movement on his social media since Thanksgiving. I would expect an announcement soon.


We shouldn't even have political parties but rather have candidates run as individuals. Please tell nana that I feel really bad that she can longer vote straight "freebies" ticket in one second, but now it may take several seconds. Oh, the humanity!

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