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It certainly seems as though he has given up.

City employee

If you had to work with that horrible chief of staff he has, I would quit too.

Leeser for Mayor

Just look at his finance report, proof is in the pudding. Leeser is outraising him.

Gallinar for El Paso

I got called for a poll last week. Used to be Margo. Now I’m with Gallinar.


Filing deadline for city elections is sometime in the summer. Who cares who is running 10 months from now. No one is watching and no one will until Labor Day 2020. People are exhausted by the recent special elections, bond elections, drama in DC. We want to chill out, live our lives and not be bothered by politicians. I don’t get my info on candidates through FB. So what if his page isn’t updated?

Carlos Gallinar needs to be investigated over the EPISD Internal Audit report that he alone approved over $8 million in change orders to EPISD bond projects. That is a big deal. He claims the auditor is wrong but I haven’t seen him hire an attorney and fight the facts listed in the internal audit report. I challenge Gallinar to come out and tell the truth and provide the documents to prove his innocence. Otherwise, the report stands as the truth and he has a lot of explaining to do.

Lazy voter

Well according to the Times, Margo has 3 consultants and can’t manage a decent public affairs campaign let alone a social media post. Nice move Max

Bloomberg is a loser

Max. You’re an idiot. The better story is that Bloomberg hired the laziest person in Texas as his state deputy director. Poor Bloomberg, Peter is a waste.

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