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question Max, didnt Hunt and Foster donate big to Claudia ?

Max Powers


Oh, come on, bro? Do I have to do everything around here?



Junior League Princess

Pobrecita Claudia is like the Ted Cruz of the EP delegation.
She is all about herself, comes across as a Junior League princess who has difficulty connecting with voters, and is hard to like.


well, your saying she is not well liked, but Foster and Hunt must like her to donate that much.

Max Powers


I'd like to see that on a mailer.

"Woody Hunt and Paul Foster like me!"



Childhood acquaintance

I think the bigger story here is that District 6 has a piece of shit Claudia Lizette. Her and her homies are corrupt and thugs. I can’t believe that whore is a rep.

Ashamed El Pasoan

Tamayo was campaigning for Claudia Lizette Rodriguez since they are both from Mexico. Might as well start letting El Pasoans run for Juarez city council and Chihuahua state council. Tamayo is a fool for associating with Max Grossman and this degenerates.


Max, Davidk would have a Woody(pardon the pun) if he saw a mailer like that.


"Ordaz Perez began receiving contributions of $500 and more Nov. 4 and continued to do so until the end of December, according to a state campaign finance report. In total, she raised $63,945 between the July 1 and December 31 reporting period. Contributions included two $10,000 contributions from Paul Foster and Woody Hunt."
Woody and Paul like her, but how and the hell can they be happy with her hiring the "Deadbeat Dad" ?

Claudia beat herself

I agree with Junior League. Claudia is a know it all. She is hated by everyone. She’s done.


Our state delegation is basically zombies that dress nicely. They don’t do anything. They don’t say anything of any consequence. No one in Austin and particularly the legislature has any earthly idea who they are. So naturally they endorsed a no name that used to fetch coffee for a couple of them and make their appointments.

Max I don’t understand your obsession with Jamie. Best thing you can do is completely ignore the guy. That hurts worse than you posting negative comments about him.

Max Powers


He is on Claudia’s financial report, and is likely to show up again in the next report. Anybody contributing to Claudia is basically paying for him. But maybe her contributors are okay with that.




Voter. Jaime is the one with an obsession. Does he realize Vince and Claudia are already married. Who is he trying to get with? Talk about desperate to make friends. Sad Jaime


Jaime thinks he has a chance of getting some. Typical Macho.


Speaking of finance reports...what’s up with Vince hiring Forma? Abeytia always says Forma sucks. I guess Vince disagrees.

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