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What have you done to make life here better is a good question for any politician.

Precinct 3 voter

Iliana is a nice person but won't win. Vince has done nothing wrong. He stands up for what he believes in and he is the smartest person on that dipshit Commissioner's Court.


Iliana's problem is she is married to Eddie. I agree with Precinct 3 voter. Vince is far superior to any person running against him.

Mission Valley Lady

No Republican is in office since Iliana became local Democratic Party boss and she is well liked by state Party leaders. Iliana hasn't crossed hairs with Congresswoman Escobar whereas Perez has. The two are likely headed to a run-off when it will get interesting.

5th generation Mission valley voter

Mission valley lady, you are do dumb. Wow I’m going to vote for a lady who wrote a couple press releases on immigration and pro choice measures. Those things are easy. What’s not easy is standing up on issues that voters don’t care about. What’s not easy is dealing with a dumb ass county judge and 3 other useless commissioners who think their seat warrants them an opinion on everything. Vince does his homework, does his job, stays humble and works with morons everyday. Escobar has yet to show one accomplishment since her time in congress. I’m not impressed by endorsements or your comments.

MV Lady

Hey 5th Gen. You make my second point. Vince Perez is arrogant and he is ungrateful. Congresswoman Reyes gave him his break up the political ladder. And what does he do? He burned Congressman Reyes with intel to Beto. Congressman Reyes won most if not all of the valley and Horizon area I believe.

Oh and he is pedantic.

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