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Escobar's comments on the EPE sale show how ignorant she is of the utility industry and the sale of publicly held companies. Her insane idea that the city buy the utility is even more ridiculous. The city is already $1 billion in debt. They have not been able to plan, fund and construct the infrastructure in this city for over 30 years. Does she really believe the city has a clue on how to keep the lights on for 800,000 people? Does she even realize EPE also provides electric power to Southern NM? So how does a city owned utility provide power in another city located in another state? How does demanding EPE increase solar power usage have anything to do with the sale of EPE to a private company?

Cesar Blanco - please, please Joe Pickett file to run in the Democrat primary against Blanco. Please. We have not had real representation in the Texas Senate since the housewife (and former PUC member) Peggy Rosson retired.

Voter 2

I agree Voter! Anyone but Blanco. Ordaz doesn't seem too serious about her campaign so I think Tamayo takes it. As for Escobar, what else is left for her to do? When you can't do much for your community in Congress, just walk around and give your opinion.

Moe Shmoe

Max, Dee Margo is a cooked Christmas goose. Adios Trump/Adios Dee! The guy cuts the community off at the microphone over and over. He yells over his council and shuts down their voices. If you can't talk to council and if the mayor shuts up their elected reps where is the community voice for or against whatever? People see this and there are options out there. Enough of Trump! Enough of DEE MARGO!


What has Trump got to do with local city government? Seriously? Hate Trump fine - but do that on another blog or Twitter.

City elections are just under 1 year away - plenty of time for others to test the waters for mayor and see what the reaction is.

I think Ordaz will do fine - no reason to storm the district during the holidays. No one, and I mean no one, is paying any attention. Ask them in February what they think.


I'm just grateful that we don't get another half-naked pic from Max "The Second Coming of Fabio" Powers. Now if you'll excuse me, this fried chicken isn't going to eat itself.


Dee will do whatever Hunt and Foster tell him do while Oscar won't. Oscar didn't give any incentives to the big guys in town when he was mayor. Probably the only mayor we have ever had who did't believe in Corporate Welfare. Especially to those who don't really need it.


The city should consider economic development packages for existing companies in El Paso. It’s a slap in the face to all the local owned businesses that have been here a very long time but get zero credit for their efforts. Why not help them expand their business. They are paying taxes to support these 360 Agreements with out of town companies.

Moe Shmoe

Voter: it's a presidential year. El Presidente Trump still owes first responders their pay for his security detail when he came to El Paso for his POLITICAL RALLY. Like Trump Dee has led like a dictator.

F.A. Sommerfeld

Max, you know I love you. Especially the weight-lifting version of you. But you make yourself look stupid and diminish the credibility of your other somewhat sound arguments by implying that the dangers of nuclear waste are similar to the dangers of french fries. Come on, man.

Max Powers


In the US, heart disease has killed more people than nuclear power or nuclear waste.



F.A. Sommerfeld

LOL. Max, please. You know that's not a valid argument. So much false equivalency in there, so highly distinguishable. Given the choice between having either nuclear waste or french fries spread on the table of you and your family's homes, you would choose nuclear waste? Come on, man. You're better than this. I realize you do info-tainment and all that happy horseshit, but try to maintain some integrity, especially about the really important stuff.
Erin go bragh, cabrones.

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