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Texas Observer

Beto post his US Senatorial race against Cruz verses Beto post his race for President of the USA are two different Beto's. Charismatic Beto against Teddy was a charm but Beto taking your guns, getting his teeth cleaned,and finding himself by eating NM dirt then flip flopping on issues could be a liability or could be an asset. Hard to say. Nevertheless his involvement will have an impact.


So, Texas Kingmaker today or some post in the to be 2024 Democrat administration?
I suppose he could do both but there is no Dem candidate that can beat Trump now, so 2024 is next Dem POTUS (unless the GOP runs Mickey Halley), then maybe 2028.


Up the Bootygieg and the Marine Chic from Hawaii would be the best pair for the Dems in 2024.

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