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76 Voter

Elisa Tomatillo-Powers VIVA!!!

Cassandra #1 FAN

You know which candidate I would like to go away? Will Veliz. That kid looks like Doug the cartoon and Carrot Top had a kid. He is not ready to lead. Being dragged around by the nose by Emma Acosta and Queta Fierro does not scream Progress to anyone. This kid is a phucking joke. His rant to the democratic party and the big money he is taking from McToupee Richard Castro makes him a relic at the age of 25. My advice is to get a real job, move out of mommy's house and pay taxes before you run for anything but the toilet after have a McRib from your bullshit donor.

District 3 voter

I received a mailer where he was dead center with CORRUPT Isela Castanon Williams. Someone needs to tell that kids she single handedly brought down an entire ISD through her arrogance and corrupt behavior. She was in leadership when the state took over and he is so proud taking a photo with her. What an idiot. Cassandra Im sure is funneling money to her sweetheart Jeremy through the campaign but she is not dumb enough to plaster it on a photo.

justa thot

who is Elisa. Never even seen a pic of her. Google her, you cant find her. Maybe thats why Claudia doesnt give a shit about the carpetbagger.

Max Powers


She is beauty beyond belief.



Ghost of R.Ewing Thomason

The delegation that "didn't get along" provided the community with the greatest state dollar investments for El Paso County such as the initial funding for the Paul Foster School of Medicine. UTEP received unprecedented funding for brick and mortar projects and programs. All secured by the delegation that "didn't get along".

Overstated phrase and used by Bob Moore and Zahira Torres among other "journalists". They were lapdogs to Shapleigh, Veronica, and Ray Caballero emails and secret meetings. These self serving corrupt politicos removed my name from the public hospital.

The articles that are mysteriously not available at the El Paso Times morgue, documenting the delegation "that didn't get along" during the mid 1990's to early 2000, tell a different story.

Good thing newspaper articles have been archived by community historians...

Bandido gang member

She’s not as beautiful as Norma Chavez.

Coalition of Motorcyclists

BGM you may be right. She may not be as pretty a Elisa Tomatillo Powers.but she passed our helmet bill. That is our issue. Right to wear a helmet. Tomatillo-Powers is with us or against us.


Abeytia is working for Perez re-election and his wife’s state campaign, he will guarantee they win.

Jaime is a loser

EliaG. Jaime is a fat phuck who hasn’t worked a day in his life.

Jaime is a loser

Having closeted Jaime Fat Fuck Abeytia run Claudia’s campaign ensures a win for Elisa.

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