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Political Observer

Only in El Paso is the leadership pool so small that there is only ONE announced candidate for an open Texas Senate seat. Incredible. This in a Presidential year. Everyone and there mother is going to vote in the Primary in March.

The apathy is an El Paso thing and means the seat is up for grabs.

Austin observer

I am still hoping for Marquez to get in the race. She would be an awesome Senator and from the news lately, her no nonsense attitude is what is needed. Bob Moore and the Times did her wrong and gave her very little credit for working both sides of the aisle. Now they worship the ground Moody walks on for doing the exact same thing. I guess a brown woman can never walk the white man's path.

Weakness is Rewarded

The day Marissa took on Paul Moreno she became a threat to the entire delegation. None of her peers were ever going to support her rise to the top. Shapleigh was weak, Rodriguez was weaker and Blanco will be weaker yet. Get used to saying Senator Blanco. Strength is not El Paso's future.

Political Observer

Compromised journalist Bob Moore and the cabal of journalists he manages have done more to corrupt democracy and endanger safe elections in El Paso than Lisa Wise. Unfortunate because he is a pretty in depth journalist until it comes to El Paso politics.

Marisa Marquez would make an excellent Senator. She knows the game.

Marisa crossed the isle back and forth and got hell. Joe Moody crossed the isle to work with Republicans and becomes Speaker Pro-Tem for a now disgraced Republican Speaker who is out.

Moody is hired as a "financial" attorney for one of the biggest Republican political bundlers in El Paso Rick Francis of WestStar formally known as Bank of the West (aka Bank of the Whites---very rich whites). And it is OK with the trial lawyers but it sure wasn't OK when Norma Chavez was a Craddick D or when Marisa worked Texas House Republicans to get things done. Politically sexist.

Marisa for Senate!

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