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Bayto, the name the maid gave him

You watch Bayto move to New Mexico. He will be a carpetbagger there because he cant win in Texas. Father in Law lives there too. Bayto has really always thought of himself as a New Mexican. He went out to the desert there to eat the dirt. What a Messiah complex ! And the asshole doesn't believe in God. Remember Steven King's the "Dead Zone" ? Bayto reminds me of Martin Sheen(nutcase who becomes Prez) in that movie "the missiles are flying hallelujah" ! Of course, we wont have a Christopher Walken" to save us from this Nutcase.


Robert will run for mayor of El Paso,Tejas. His platform will include declaring El Paso,Tejas part of Mexico. After he wins, he will change his marijuana smoke filled mind, and declare Juarez part of Tejas. All citizens of this “joint” community will speak only Spanish.


Robert could always be Hillary's running mate in 2020! Think about it they are both DemComs! Robert as you said has the DemCom star power with left wing media. So what could possibly go wrong for Robert in such a scenario?

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