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Annello was on the news talking about being apart of a "click" Grow up and go back to New York or wherever you are from. You're a hypocrite. When the bar owners tried to meet with your office, you and Ms. Cassandra "Arrested for Stealing Thongs and Assault" denied people meetings. You are just as bad as the people you point the finger at.

Not a fan

The “two ton club” needs to keep their mouth shut. A lot of interesting things are about to come out ... including about wife beater Jeremy Jordan

Sad city Council

Has Cassandra learned nothing from her own debacle? Keep your mouth shut. No one wants to do you favors since your a total b***h all the time. Quit crying that you were done wrong, learn to be more amicable and move on. This is becoming the Leeser city council. SHame


Hernandez lost my vote, she promised me at my door that she would do a better job of working together with council. Her outburst at this last meeting tells me I can expect more of the same. Telling the Mayor to keep her name out of his media statements, when her entire term has been committed to tearing him down. This council is a disgrace.


El Paso once again is so backward thinking. It is unbelievable how quick Council acted to remove Cassandra Hernandez-Brown over a Facebook post and how they are dragging their feet to deal with a serious moral turpitude case against City Rep. Sam Morgan. Allegedly (per the public record) slapping your wife with an open hand, having a gun in your pants, having the police come to your home, having them knock on a bedroom door, having Morgan come out after cocking his gun (allegedly) and there is no outrage. No women's groups coming forward calling for his resignation. Women on Council are mudas.

What the hell. He merits his day in court but not a seat on Council!


Pissed: every citizen in America is entitled to their day in court. The city charter is very clear about removal from office. They have to wait until the case is adjudicated. If the city rep decides to step aside or take a leave of absence that’s up to him. Council can’t force that. Morgan has a concealed carry license and Texas has an open carry law. If he didn’t threaten his wife with the gun there is no gun crime-separate from the domestic violence charge. It’s possible his concealed carry license will come under review by DPS because he was arrested for a domestic violence charge.


Voter: I have a license to carry. Doesn't mean I go around slapping people around with a gun in my pants. He is held to higher standard or he should be. Domestic violence against a spouse is a serious matter. Spousal abuse is a serious matter.


Pissed: I didn’t say that. My comments were directed to the rule of law that everyone gets their day in court. I absolutely detest any violence against anyone. He was arrested. He has the right to go through the process and face the consequences. Everybody should quit playing DA and let the legal system do its job.

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