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The things that would make a city attractive to a Fortune 100 company likely do not exist here. Unless it has to do with Mexico logistics. But things are changing especially the level of educational attainment. Still, that kind of change takes decades.

More important is the change in culture that is compatible with large corporations. El Paso is not there yet and, if it were, you probably wouldn't want to live here. Stay in Dallas.

El Pasoan

On the one hand Veronica complains about our economic situation and on the same day complains about the border fence and why are we keeping illegals out. So who in their right mind wants to move to a city or open a business in a city where the impression is that the local politicos and their CongressX want open borders and thousands of illegals camped out here. She is clueless about messaging.

Max is correct about El Paso community versus DFW, Houston, Austin - they aren't communities - but they have a helluva lot better employment opportunities.


This clown of a queen bee, aka Robert’s best friend, did not mention our hermana, Juarez, Mexico. She loves to complain about our country, but never says any thing positive about the current national economy. Yet, the flow of humans from south of our border continues. The biggest scare for El Paso is her re-election.

Rico Suave

“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.”
- Danish physicist and Nobel Prize Winner Niels Bohr

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