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Carbajal or Gallinar please

Leeser and Margo are in trouble with two new Latino candidates.

Margo fan

I just saw Carbajal's video. Terrible, how is this woman a fighter? I can barely hear her and she looks so weak. I'm sorry I will stick with a fighter, Margo all the way.


Are you kidding me? Margo is begging people to come to his fundraiser. His arrogance has caught up with him now and he cannot compete with younger, smarter LATINOS. He is not Latino. All his donors are white, all his board appointees are white, all his friends are white. TIMESUP The only brown people on his team are the help.

Puto Ojourke

Leeser will get the west side Jewish vote. And they vote. some from the grave.


what happens in 2019?


I find it very sad that you're wrong about the CC may not be able to get anything done. No, they'll just continue to spend a fortune buying shit that we don't need. You see, in this town we have a jones to tear down stuff that doesn't need to be torn down and expense is no hindrance. A "new" mayor? Nah, probably just another tax and spender just like the previous and current garbage. Then this new mayor will wait 'till the 11th hour to finally be fiscally prudent just to continue to fool the ignorant, dumb masses (typical El Pasoan) that there being responsible with our money. It's a shame that all of those pro Leesor and pro Margo monkeys only have a 20 minute memory span. But since E.P. continues to be voted in the top 5 dumbest towns for the last 9 million years I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Galliner is the lesser evil

ANONYMOUS, did you do an 8 ball before you wrote that? The mayor has 3 opponents, he can't survive. He is the only one that doesn't know it. My bet is on Gallinar. Tax and spend here we come.

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