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Because of the resign to run rule of city council. If she announces she has to wait until she has one year and 20 days left in her term. That way she stays on the council and they don’t have to have a special election to replace her. If she loses her primary in March 2020 she vacates her seat and they have an election for her seat.

Max Powers


With all due respect, paraphrasing a one disappointed Hank Hill after hearing his son talk about a sacrifice fly, that’s lawyer ball.

Fortune favors the bold.



Not a fan of Elisa

Can’t wait to see Claudia kick Tomatillos ass

76 voter

The seat belongs to the voters of District 76. Endorsing by the delegation is irresponsible. They know better.

A Voter who didnt vote for Cesar

Cesar Blanco came from San Antonio Texas and won. Cesar was the worst legislator El Paso has had. Now he's endorsing another idiot from out of town, that may be a nightmare like him. Cesar thought I outsmarted those idiots from district 76 & they voted for me. So anyone who comes from Austin, San Antonio, Vegas, Paris, can outsmart those dumb asses from district 76, and win. Wake UP El Paso. Vote Cesar out, & vote for someone in El Paso, like Claudia who will represent El Paso.


This is how the term "carpet bagger" entered our vocabulary.

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