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Davidlina Stout

Max, to your credit, this is one of your more humorous posts.



City watcher

Forget Commissioner's Court, the drama is at the City. Dee Margo better get serious about his race. Rumor from city employees is that his support is waning both in donors and in voters. Judging from social media one post a month Margo not showing up to events staff struggling to maintain interest. All of this points to trouble in paradise.

Margo fan

Good Grief! The city election is 11 months and 14 weeks away. Filing period isn't until sometime next summer! People are not engaged in the process. City employees gripe about all elected officials and especially the Mayor. They don't like anybody.

As far as Margo missing out on some events - he had hip surgery for heaven's sake! I understand he had complications from that. Give him a break.

The only reason Dee Margo is doing fundraising right now was to get ahead of Leeser who announced months ago he wanted to run. Now you have Carlos Gallinar (a Shapleigh Camper) announcing his fundraiser for October 5th.

People are flooded with the 20 person Democrat primary drama and you expect them to pay attention to a local election? Seriously?

city watcher

Margo fan, the fact that opponents are coming out a year in advance shows that he is vulnerable. So what does a broken hip have to do with having a decent web presence? One picture a month is pathetic. In case you haven't noticed since you live on the westside probably in a gated community sipping cosmos- our city is dealt with the influx of thousands of migrants, a mass shooting, a shift in the state delegation and an unstable federal government, you better believe everyone is looking at a local election. Wake up fool

Margo Fan

city watcher - explain to me how a local city council can affect an "unstable" federal government. I would really like to know what power they have to affect that. It's not the city of El Paso's fault that we have thousands of illegal immigrants coming into the southern border. That, again, is a federal issue. Tell me how the local city council can change that policy, fix that policy, correct that policy or whatever. Again, it is not the fault of the mayor or the local city council that we had a very evil, demented person come to El Paso and kill and injure innocent people. Tell me how the local city council could have stopped that action. Educate me on what the local city council can do to change or stop any actions on the state and federal level.

When I vote in city council elections - in D1, on a regular residential street not inside a gated community - I want to know what the local city council is going to do about the poor condition of the streets, the high taxes, the cars parked in people's yards, the out of control weeds and trash in some neighborhoods etc. I don't want them to focus on federal or state issues that they cannot do a damn thing about except pass useless resolutions that go nowhere and affect nothing but a "feel good" experience.

Mayoral candidates are coming out a year early because they want to be noticed. It is a presidential election year and now an impeachment year. No one, and I mean no one, that is a serious voter is focused on the local elections in El Paso. Wake them up in Spring 2020.

Leeser for Mayor

Margo Fan, you are wrong wrong wrong. If none of those things are important to this race, you might want to tell your Gringo mayor to get off the national media circuit and actually spend some time in the city he actually represents. Must feel real good for you that he is racking up frequent flyer points and hiring inept people to be by his side that cant even pick up a phone to take a picture at an event rather than worry about your issues about cars in yards. Good luck dumb ass.

Margo fan

Leeser for Mayor: there is so much that could be refuted in your comments but it’s just not worth the time and effort. Have a nice day.

Carlos Gallinar for Mayor

I hope you spend your time and effort on better things than defending a Mayor who isn’t even grateful for your support.

Margo fan

Same comment to Gallinar. Not worth my time and effort to respond.

Except, Gallinar needs to answer for his incompetence as the Executive Director of Facilities for EPISD. Approved $8 million in change orders that he had no authority to do so.

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