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That guy is a walking douche bag. I’d take Marquez over Blanco or Stout. Anyone else please!!

Rico Suave

Anybody can run for office and may the best PERSON win.

Central resident

I just got a call today. A poll is out. I was asked about Blanco, Bernal,Marquez, Pickett and Leeser. I guess Stout isn’t even a consideration. I was also asked about Blanco’s questionable residency and lack of leadership positions in the House. Then something about endorsements if they influence my vote.


Was the poll for State Senate? Interesting that it included Leeser. That might be a better elected position for him. Less time away from his business - he might actually work with the other side to get something done.

I have a secret

Poll results are in.....

Blanco is a Joke

Blanco-12% Bernal-36% Marquez-26% Pickett-31% Leeser-52%. Blanco is dead last in name ID, freaking hilarious! That’s what El Paso gets if they elect this JOKE that doesn’t even live here!


Bernal polled that high? Must be the Hispanic name because people have no earthly idea who she is. Leeser should run for State Senate.

Max Powers


Those poll numbers....I’m calling mierda de toro.



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