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Dee or Leeser please

I work with her. She is indeed a whore.

Max Powers


Are you hangry?

Let us be honest, we ALL are whores.




Am I missing something? Who is Mica?

Chamber employee

Lost, she is some dumb passive aggressive whore that used to work for the Chamber of Commerce. She fancies herself a “woman of influence” but we all know when the ink is dry there isn’t much to see.

Max Powers


Why you mad?




She is a very nice person that has been a PR type rep for the Chamber, Texas Gas Service and where ever she is now. No offense to her looks, she is pretty, but people like her get hired because they are basically lobbying and a pretty face and body always opens the doors with male politicos. It’s no secret. Look how many women do that same job on the state and federal level. I’m not against what she does-it’s a very practical business solution. That experience in know way makes one a Mayor of a major city in Texas. Rewind the tape and look at all the FB posts Taylor M. Posted with Mica in them also to all those economic development trips taken when Leeser was Mayor. Looks like they were having a blast on taxpayer dollars.

Max Powers


I say this knowing you are wiser than me.

But you kinda are making the case for Mica.

Look, El Paso has a council-manager form of government. The mayor's position is largely ceremonial...it involves selling the city to the rest of the world.

Who will have an easier time selling El Paso in Austin or DC or in front of businessmen, Mica or Margo or Lesser?

As far as the trips, you just had the County increase your taxes and give themselves a pay raise, but I doubt you will see a taxpayer revolt anytime soon.




Max - yes that would be a plus. Send a pretty face in a tight dress and BAM! - got them to relocate to El Paso.

Sluts for Mayor

Mica for Mayor. The best Lay in town.

Max Powers


Not a surprise that when a woman in El Paso wants to make a difference immediately is called a whore.

To be honest, if there was a female Mayor and if she blew a CEO but got 5,000 jobs created in El Paso, well, there plenty of men getting blown in EP for a lot less.

Don’t hate.



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