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I had not thought about Marquez as a contender but you make some very good points about her potential candidacy. I would think this is the year of the woman and Blanco has fallen short in so many ways for his community though he seems to have endeared himself to the state and federal Democratic Party. I am impressed if she and Norma have buried the hatchet. Those two women working together could have moved this town in Austin.

Puto O'Jourke

"Mary, well, call her a rolling stone, since wherever she lays her hat is her home, but a place to call her own?"

Didnt jew mean "where ever or whomever she is getting laid" ?


It feels like (for the most part) that I keep hearing the same names running for some political office over and over and over again. This 85 year version of political musical chairs is truly a bit monotonous.

LoserS lost in austin

The El Paso delegation is a joke. Why would Marquez want to join that gang of losers.


Which one identifies as "pansexual", i.e.', "I hump anything."


Mary Gonzalez is pansexual. what difference does that make.

Max is a loser

The delegation is supporting Blanco, they just issued a letter. Marquez has no chance.

Max Powers



Remember when everyone and their grandmother backed Paul Moreno? There was the photo of what like 20 electeds or more supporting Paul.



Jaime Abeytia is Gay

Marquez is the next Senator

Inside trader

2020 is a huge election year. Both Marquez and Blanco will have an uphill battle. Marquez has been out of the game for a while, people forget who their reps are that are currently in office. She will need to overcome the years lost since leaving. Blanco hasn't done himself any favors here locally. His relationships don't go past the delegation. He is virtually non-existent in El Paso since he began his career. What does that mean to the 70,000 voters coming out that haven't before? My bet is they vote for the female.

Blanco is Senator

Insider trader. You’re an idiot. Marquez is a nobody. Blanco is wonderful. He is handsome, single and has a DC job with big bucks. Marquez is a has been. I’m sure Blanco will stomp her out like he did Norma Chavez and Naomi Gonzalez.

Inside trader

Blanco has never run a real race. He is an opportunist and a patient one. He waited for an opportunity in El Paso and found one with Naomi Gonzalez, her DUI is what lost her race not Blanco's fame. In the run off, everyone knew Norma was flawed. Blanco hasn't run a real race where he has been challenged on his record. He rented a place in the district only to establish residency until recently when he finally purchased a home, years after his initial win. He is calculated but not unbeatable. I would caution El Paso with Blanco. What you see is not what you get.

out withblanco

Blanco is nothing but a mammon. Everyone knows that. If you want another Rodriguez, who did absolutely NOTHING, vote for worthless Blanco.

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