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Rico Suave

Dear Max,

You sound like you do not know that there is $$$$ influence in politics...


Dems in EP

Max, have you ever heard of hypocrisy in politics? Moody made the right move in getting in with the right people here in town. I do find it interesting how the Democratic Party will be able to explain away his employer when he stands up and says we need to stand up and fight. Either way, the party is bullshit.

Moody fan

I am sure this move to hire him as the senior counsel was in exchange for him staying in the legislature and not running for DA. He has a family and they need more income than $8000 a year and whatever money a law practice brought in. Repubs here know they will never get into the legislature except for Margo that one time, so play nice and make friends.

Samaniego needs to GO

Look around this town. Moody is the cream of the crop. Our county judge is a freaking moron. Our taxes keep going up and this guy is excited that after 150 years he was finally named honored ex at Jefferson High. Pathetic.

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