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Disgruntled city employee

You hit the nail on the head. It’s dreadful to work with the little tyrant from his office. Dreadful.

RE-elect Dee

The Mayor had hip replacement surgery. Very common surgery for those in their 50s, 60s. He played football in HS and college. Leeser paid money to have a parade named after him. Paid money. Think about that. Leeser’s former COS was accused of being a pain to deal with which affected her ability to get a job when his term was over. Cook had Sylvia Firth as an advisor and that propelled her into city attorney job which caused several really good assistant city attorneys to leave. And ultimately she resigned because of conflicts of interest.

Dee Margo ran a very successful business and expected top performance out of his employees. Unfortunately, when you become Mayor of a City the government employees do not like having a successful business person as Mayor. Because successful business people get very frustrated with the slow pace of government employees and the system. All of us do. We can’t operate that way in private sector. We would be out of a job or lose a client.

Oscar is a successful business person but his leadership style is based on getting people to “buy the car”. And we all know how we feel after the car buying experience-somehow we got cheated.

Corp Welfare Hater

If Dee played at Vandy Im sorry, but that's not really football. He inherited his father in law's business is another. His wife on the other hand, would make a great Mayor. There is nothing wrong with Leesor. He just didnt let Hunt and Foster have their way when he was mayor while Dee let Hunt get incentives on the new bank that Foster basically owns. Dee allowed corporate welfare where it wasnt deserved.


Foster isn't a partner in the WestStar Tower. It's Hunt and WestStar. Foster just bought all the Borderplex Realty property - he has his own high rise buildings now.

Corp Welfare Hater


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