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District 3 nurse

I’ve met the kid running against Cassandra, not impressed. Too arrogant. I’m not a big fan of Cassandra but she’s the lesser evil in this story. She has my vote.


I believe Emma Acosta is also involved in this guy Veliz’s campaign. Agree that Cassandra wins the election.

District 3 nurse

Voter, if what you are saying is true this creates a serious handicap for Veliz. Emma ran a horrible campaign for Mayor, she should not be running anyone's campaign that expects to win. Emma also screwed over many people and organizations during her time on council. This kid is already showing some serious judgement issues. If he has money, why hasn't he hired serious consultants? You just solidified my vote for Cassandra.

veliz is a loser

I heard he using the August 3rd mass shooting as a reason for running. Just another politician using a tragedy to promote his career. SMH


The Veliz campaign is mind boggling. No experience and can't have paid property taxes for very long if ever. Cassandra will go to a run off with Vandivort. Election will be close, but Vandivort at least has experience. He already has knocked on my door and has my vote.


Tell me more about Vandivort?


Kingston- From what I gathered through my conversation with him is that he was once the Chair of the City Planning Commission and was involved in developing the City Master Plan. He has also served on numerous boards, and his work experience includes business development, project/program management and worked at the Institute for Policy and Economic Development. Nice guy.

Interested in the truth

Someone should really explore whether Vandivort physically lives in D3. It's one thing to own property - another to live there.

Cassandra for District 3

Does Will Veliz own property in District 3?

Cassandra fan

Do a property search under his name on EPCAD. It will show any property he owns. Then, check out where his mailing address is. If he owns property in D3 and also shows a mailing address for tax notices at that same property - then fine - guess he lives there. If he has a mailing address other than the property address then maybe he doesn't live in D3.

Judging by the fact that McElroy is his campaign manager or treasurer or whatever you can be guaranteed this is a Shapleigh Camper guy endorsed by Susie, Vero, Beto, Steve and on and on. They are still desperate to get control of city council and running their own mayoral candidate too.

Cassandra is the better candidate. Vote for her.

District 3

Cassandra fan- Didn't Cassandra work for Susie, Ortega, and was recruited by Veronica to run for District 3? I believe we know who the Shapleigh Camper is. I haven't had a chance to meet any of the candidates yet, but hope they make it to my neighborhood.

Riverside English teacher

I am predicting that it is Vandivort and Hernandez in a run-off. Dora and Emma will run Veliz campaign into the ground. His campaign material doesn't make any sense. He came to my door and rambled about the brain drain and how he wants to make a difference and his material had nothing about what he said. Something about an oath and ethics. I was so confused plus it was poorly written, maybe he should have gone to Riverside where I could have taught him proper spelling and grammar.

Cassandra fan

D3 - I have no idea if Cassandra volunteered for Susie or Ortega when they ran for office. I think Susie helped Cassandra in her runoff and not sure if Veronica suggested she run for office. After she won Susie and Veronica were "advisors" - meaning they tried to influence her positions - much like they did Tolbert - and when they are done with you or you didn't do what they said (running Gallinar for Mayor) they drop you and pretend they don't know you. The former CM was supportive of Cassandra running - she previously worked for Workforce Development.

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