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Golfer 24-

Fake Beto and his fellow Demos. are today’s losers. Plus, all of them will be losers in November, 2020.


never let a good tragedy go to waste

Beto and Veronica prefer self aggrandizement over community

El Pasoan

Beto is not an elected official anymore. I did expect to see Veronica at the airport when Trump arrived. She conceded and gave all those white men exactly what they wanted, her absence. If he didn't take her call, then show up and tell him what you think. Don't run. I needed to see a Latino standing there representing El Paso regardless of who was getting off that plane.

F.A. Sommerfeld

Serious questions, Max: What exactly is your beef with Beto? You act like he stole your favorite girlfriend or took a dump in your fesenjan. What is the basis of your certainty that he is so insincere? He sure seems sincere and honest to me. And I watched Escobar's on-scene interview with Chris Cuomo the other night, and she hit it way out of the park, man. You are vastly underestimating how far she is going to go, imho. How are they not both very, very good for El Paso? They look like champions for El Paso to me. Please give me a full analysis, and not the cheeky monkey routine. It's important, and this is serious business. I'm all for having fun. (Erin go bragh, cabrones!) But our democracy is in peril these days, and we need the right leadership. Thanks.

Max Powers


I gotta give you credit on the fesenjan. Although it may disappoint you to know I’m a straight-up koobideh and rice kinda guy. Seriously. It’s my go-to lunch.

I got no beef with Beto. The man is running to be president of the free world. There are far worse motherfuckers than me on the world stage and in DC.

Look, I’m the son and grandson of immigrants. Yes, we still have ties with Mexico. But last thing on my mind is white supremacy. Why be scared? These motherfuckers would not be cast in a Nazi propaganda film. Hell, they would have probably been rounded up in Nazi Germany for not exactly being an Uber mensch.

My opinion I can damn well be wrong, but I too grew up (latter half of my childhood) in Allen. Guess what? I’m concerned about young white men....even though I myself am not white. It’s just not white supremacy. It’s all the other things that lead young men to dark corners. Google “Han Gil Hotel Town” just see other dark path that can be easily taken. The other path? Google teen suicide rates. Something is wrong but focusing on white supremacy is looking at this problem through a straw.



F.A. Sommerfeld

Not scared. Angry as hell and not going to put up with it anymore.
I grew up in Oak Cliff (SRV and Gary Myrick, mofo) then moved to El Paso. Just because drugs, teen suicide rates, and other issues are also major problems doesn't negate or lessen the problem that white supremacy has become. Your straw is just pointed at those other areas. If you move that straw around, hoss, you will also see a lot of the white supremacy tableau, albeit only little pieces at a time there are a LOT of those little pieces that make a disgusting whole that right now is a lot bigger and more pressing than the other issues. It's the larger issue of inciting massacres against people because they are Hispanic invaders. But I am still not getting from you what exactly it is that you are saying is wrong with Beto. He has a fake smile? He's dirty at politics? He wants to mourn, but he is running Twitter ads to raise money for his campaign? I would think you would applaud that last one. A guy can't do both? A guy who is running for the Democratic nomination for president should not do both?

Max Powers


Look up the shooter’s father.

And honestly I can’t believe El Paso bore of the brunt of this. El Paso ain’t really a “place of immigrants”. I always found El Paso to be the most American city in Texas. DFW has far more Hispanics than El Paso AND much of these folks are more recent arrivals unlike El Paso. But the bastard didn’t go to the Wal-Mart off 30 and Buckner or Marsh and Northwest highway or any local area Fiesta.

As far as Beto, mourning and raising money...good for him. As I said, politics is a dirty business. But don’t say “politics is the last thing on my mind”. As Beto would say, “What the fuck” or “That’s bullshit.” The “holier than thou” shit...not my cup of tea.



Who Cares

What’s wrong with Beto? Remember the story he wrote about running down 2 kids playing? Seriously? Anybody who can even think and write about doing that is weird and sick. Beto and Vero are taking full advantage of this nightmare shooting. They grew up in a Democrat party that prides itself on never “letting a tragedy go to waste”. Don’t deny that fundraiser emails were sent out immediately by Beto and the rest of the Democrat party on the heels of this shooting. Beto and Vero are just like every other sleazy politician in America-regardless of party affiliation.

F.A. Sommerfeld

Max, okay read the story about the shooter's father. Interesting twist, but I'm not sure what the relevance is to our conversation about Beto and white supremacy.So what I am getting out of your posts is that in your opinion Beto is a hypocrite. I'm a dyed in the wool cynic myself, but I still believe that when he said "politics is the last thing on my mind," he generally meant it. Particularly when it was in response to a question about whether he would run for Senate. If he had more specifically with "running for the Senate is the last thing on my mind," you would have believed that, right? He didn't say he wouldn't still like to be the nominee for president. He didn't say that he was considering quitting the campaign because of the shooting. At that moment, I completely believe that most, if not all of his focus, was on the shooting and what he could do about it. Did it enter his mind that this could help his campaign? He's a smart guy, so yes, of course it did. He recognizes important moments. But I believe the only reason he would have thought that was a good thing is because if he can get elected he can try to address problems like the ones brought into glaring spotlights by the shooting. I get the impression that you see him as running solely for his own ego and ambition. There's some of that in him, sure. But I believe that the overwhelming drive in this guy is because he sincerely wants to make positive changes that will help El Paso and this nation. Erin go bragh, cabron.


Sommerfield: Didn't it bother you that Beto went to UMC with photographers? He is facing in the national polls and hopes that this shooting in El Paso will boost his numbers. I got the fundraiser e-mails from Team Beto almost immediately after the shooting. They didn't say, "Let's all come together." They said, Beto needs your money. That's pretty crass.
Beto might be sincere but that doesn't mean he is moral or even on the right path. I am a little turned off by the holier-than-you bit. Beto has Potomac Fever.

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