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El Bobbito Moore

Being poor and fat is bad for business.

Eddie needs to grow his pedophile mustache again.

Max - Does vero wear open- or closed-toe shoes at the marranada on Elvin Way?

Bob Moore is a sell out

Hey Bob Moore. Either have the baby or don’t. Haven’t you been pregnant for about 10 years now?


The day has come you and Jaime Abeytia on the same side! Vincent must be doing something right!

True Blue Democrat

Max I don't think you realize how well respected Iliana Holguin is in the legal community. She is recognized nationally for her immigration work, and sorry to burst your bubble but immigration lawyers are well paid.

Do the math, if the underground market smugglers are charging up to $15,000 a person to illegally transport immigrants through dangerous borders, those who ARE HERE with an opportunity to file for their citizenship are willing to pay a good lawyer for the citizenship process. And pay them well. Do the research yourself, these lawyers are not bleeding liberals doing this for free. An immigration attorney is way better than a "notary public".

I doubt Iliana will give up her successful practice much like Dr. Noe did not give up his medical practice, plus she has law partners. She is a member/partner of the firm.

Reference her position as El Paso County Democratic Party Chair, she came in to a fractured Party and has done a terrific job. Under her watch there are ZERO Republicans in public office. She listens, doesn't allow anyone to bully her, does her business, the business of the Party, and is a loving mother. Sometimes she may have been too close to a Democratic Primary candidate than what she should have been, but the shoe is now on the other foot.

I have never heard anything negative about her professionally or politically.

At the end of the day, Vince has a real race and fight for his political life.

Max Powers


Your girl is gonna have to fill-out a personal financial statement. We’ll see how poors or rich she really is.

I’m betting poors.



2020 voter

I agree with Max. She puts little effort into her appearance and from the looks of it less into her overall health. I’m betting she’s not very bright or financially stable. I’m not too convinced.

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