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Who Cares

Cassandra is smart enough to stay away from the likes of Vero and Susie. They already have a mayor candidate in mind and it was never Cassandra. You might call her the independent in the race. I think she would do much better returning to the private sector and kick some butt there instead of on city council.

Bye bye bitch

Watching her at council today was sad. She looked pathetic. She has not one person that will stand with her and even those that tried she spit at. Dear Cassandra, the only time you can behave like a bitch is when you have so many accomplishments that they’re about to name a school after you or you’re sitting on about $500K in campaign contributions. Since you’ve been in office for about 5 minutes, I doubt you have either of those. It’s time to hang up your opinions for a time card. Call it a day!

Fire Hernandez

Looks like everyone finally got tired of her shit.

a voter

give them enough rope & they hang themselves. Cassandra has NO ONE to blame but herself.

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