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I hope Moody does the right thing and denounces Bonnen! Hate has no place here.


Words matter Moody!!! The longer you stay silent, you are an enabler to a society of allowing the powerful to trample the marginalized!

Norma fan

So I’m guessing Monchis and Iliana Holguin will overlook this offense while they’re flipping enchiladas at the next democratic fundraiser? They were quick to jump on Norma Chavez when she cut deals with Republican Speakers to bring home the bacon but now it’s the a Democratic darling holding hands with speaker is a proven homophobe and sexist. Guess it’s ok when men, errr, white men cut deals but forget it when HIspanic women stand by Republicans to get the job done.


Max forgets that nobody in El Paso gives a s*** or even knows anything about what happens in Austin. You elect them and then forget them.

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