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Vote for Vince

I would suggest Vince start working on Repubs to cross over and vote for him in the primary. He is the better candidate hands down. I too wish he had run for County Judge but it is what it is.

Eddie is a loser

Iliana is corrupt

True Blue Democrat

Iliana had phone bankers and block walkers (including Jeanette Walker's Campaign Angels) and the Democratic machinery old guard and new guard. She had a broad selection of elected officials from school board Trustee Paul Garcia, to Sheriff Wiles, to candidates including car dealer and businessman Oscar Leeser and his wife. And she already has Congresswoman Veronica Escobar on Team Iliana.

Don't know what Vince did to piss the Congresswoman off but her endorsement weighs heavily in favor of Iliana. Considering she is taking on an incumbent she has already been able to unite the Hatfield's and Mccoy's.

Eddie is a crook

I disagree with the Congresswoman’s endorsement. Escobar is weak in the Valley, very weak. Her failed policies as county judge haven’t been forgotten and Vince is seen as independent. Oscar is out of bounds on this one since it covers a small part of the City. Sorry True Blue, looks like your trying to sell my a bologna sandwich as a New York strip. I ain’t buying it.

Nunca Democrat

Vince's Jaime connection has really hurt him. Jaime has hurt many people with his blog and these people are Iliana's corner now.

Drop the zero

I would agree. Jaime hurts Vince. He was of no value to Eddie and is of no value to Vince.

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