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Even if they are visiting a jobsite they have to wear the protective items - hard hat, shoes, safety vest and safety glasses in some cases. Amazing how the privileged don't have to follow the rules.


She has always had problems with exposing those feet. I mean if they were manicured and didn't look like she walked the Chihuahuan Desert barefoot it would be pretty. Honey, put some closed toe shoes on and get that hard hat on. It makes for a better picture.

Max Powers


OSHA for thee, not for me.




Bring back David K. You suck.

Max Powers


Sorry, it’s just me, and the fat guy.



Who Cares

Max, I like you a helluva lot better than the fat guy.

Rod Man

What is it with David's site that now asks for a sign on? Is he off the air?

Max Powers


David K is in a better place now...QEPD.




Vero has the messiah syndrome like Bayto. Jesus wore sandals so i guess Bayto wore sandals in the New Mexico(thought he was Texan ?) desert when he went out and ate the desert dirt to find out he was born to be President. He acts like he is the Messiah and screams "Jesus Christ" in a mad burst but doesn't believe in Jesus or God. Ask his relatives, they will tell you. Well, at least the honest one's will. Too bad when he ate that dirt he didnt get the mold. Max, QEPD ?

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