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Let me see if I understand this: On the one side we have the "Make America Great Again" crowd. Then we have the 'Make America a South American shit hole' group. And we get the added "bonus" of phuqqing over Mother Nature by placing more of a strain on her. Gosh, I better ask my Ouija board who to vote for this time.

Native Anerican

Mescobar is just like every dem in Congress. She could care less about the migrants when Obama was in power, but now with Trump she is terrified they are being treated badly ? They think if they can get these migrants all pardoned and over here they will vote Dem. The ends justifies the means no matter if its wrong and they wont change the asylum law for the same reason. It's about possible new votes and being anti-Trump no matter what. Need to get rid of her Fat Ass.

T. Derby

Esther from the Reno Cafe?

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