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L&J margaritas are fake margaritas. He should hold it at the Kentucky Club in Juarez where the margarita was born. Then he can talk with Mexicans and soon-to-be illegals about why they think we should let them in.

Max Powers

Actually, that would be a great idea!

Only issue would be whether or not his event coincides with an Escobar staff meeting, which would makes things either very interesting or awkward really quickly.



Rico Suave

So Sr. Max are you going to attend?

Max Powers

Unfortunately, my day job prevents from heading out tomorrow.

Otherwise, I would make the trek out there.




Anyone attending should be ashamed of themselves. This guy is a crazed alt-right conspiracy advocate like for Pizzagate and also an anti-feminist and a garbage spewer of anything he thinks can make him controversial or to get back on right wing TV or web sites like the Alex Jones show or Infowars. Cernovich is quite despicable and can only impress small minds. Even your knowing of him tells a lot that you should be embarrassed about. Check his bio out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Cernovich

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