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Who Cares

I thought it was hysterical to watch the hearing last Friday with Chip Roy and 3 Repubs vs Vero and 3 female Dems. Vero’s facial expressions when Roy was talking were priceless. You know she wanted to claw out his eyes. And Susie Byrd sitting right behind her looking like a deer in the headlights. But, the national media only covered AOC’s comments. Still have not seen or heard about what Vero said and she is the one that actually lives on the border. Must be maddening for Vero to tow the company line Pelosi wants and lose out to AOC for media coverage. Vero wasn’t used to that in El Paso. She is just one of 435 people and no one cares.

And Beto? OMG could he look even more ignorant than he does now? Maybe he should give up and write for this Medium website.

Bob Moore is a pendejo

Agreed. Where is Bob Moore now to slay Princess Escobar's enemies? Ok, maybe not slay but how about half a second mention in the news? So sad

Jerry Kurtyka

I love circular firing squads organized by the Dems.

Golfer 24-

Robert did not attend the class that covered reading the political writings on public bathroom walls. His liberal, socialist views, and fake first name do not ring the bell outside of Texas. He needs to run as the head male cheerleader for the looney tunes all female demo “squad.”

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