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County employee

Anyone except Yvonne Rosales. She's a mess. Other than some long ass tirades on her FB, I don't think she knows what the position entails.

Moody for DA

She's weak. Joe! Joe! We need someone with real experience of making laws to defend laws. Moody for DA!

El Paso Attorney

I've worked alongside Yvonne Rosales, Joe Moody, and James Montoya (formerly James Bonneau...changed to a Hispanic name likely for hispanic votes).Yvonne Rosales is the only worthy candidate. IF Moody runs, it's just to use the DA's office as a political stepping-stone, he's a career politician. He won't care about improving that office for El Paso or for being tough on drunk drivers, etc. James Montoya is basically Esparza, Jr. No positive change there. Yvonne Rosales' platform and vision/experience in handling criminal matters is unmatched here. Don't forget, she lost last time to the 24-year incumbent Esparza by only 1% of the vote.

County employee

El Paso Attorney, you must have been promised a job from Yvonne. She has no vision, no mission. Just long drawn out tirades complaining about Esparza. I’d like to see how many cases she has won? Any at Texas Supreme Court? Ok too high of a bar, let’s try appeals court? I’m asleep within 2 minutes of her talking, how can she keep a jury’s attention? I’m sorry. I’m all about Hispanic women but she has a lot to learn plus tweedle Dee and tweedle Dumb, her cousins the Rosales firm are her puppet master. No thanks. Sit this one out Yvonne and save yourself another embarrassment.

El Paso Attorney

County Employee.......... I wonder who you work for, lol. I wonder who has the agenda here. Say hi to your current and final DA boss Esparza. Yvonne Rosales will win and drain the dirty swamp......you had better dust off your resume, that's just free advice.

County employee

El Paso Attorney, I’m not a lawyer. I’m just lowly county employee. You know the ones Everyone ignores in this race, aka an actual voter. All I’m saying is she doesn’t speak the the 85% of us voters that are NOT lawyers. She is tiresome with no platform or plan. Montoya knocked her out of the water with one move, his announcement. If her campaign to this point is a reflection of what she will do in office then NO THANKS. go moody or Montoya!!!

Mental in Central

County Employee, I guess you shut El Paso Attorney up.

Private Sector

sorry mental, anyone who works at the county is like someone who works at the water company. 4 guys standing around a hole watching the 1 guy do the work. they take one thumb out of their ass every thirty minutes and rotate.

mental in central

Well after they take their thumb out of their ass, they go vote. Regardless of your opinion, every vote counts


Mental: good thing it's not a paper ballot :)

Private Sector

Good one JerryK. I have always been a fan.


Told ya! Yvonne Rosales, your new DA.

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