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Rico Suave

Dear Max,
I think I agree with you...

I'm in the wrong multiverse

The tariffs are nothing more than a threat to get Mexico to stop the caravans. Which is needed. The media and everyone is acting like the tariffs are a done deal, when they in fact are not. I've already spoken to my import broker and he laughed when I asked him what the new protocols would be for my business. There are no new protocols, nothing has changed, nothing has been sent out to the brokers. It could take months for the 5% tariff to go into effect.

I like Trump and agree with him on trade but I am getting sick of the media cycle which he is constantly stoking. It's a constant barrage of negative. I do not think this is healthy for the nation as a whole in the long term. This negative energy cannot be sustained and will blow up eventually.

I can't even read the El Paso Time's anymore to get my local news because they've devoted half the paper to Trump bashing and making it seem that hundreds of thousands of people crossing the border illegally is perfectly normal. If you don't like the "migrants" it's because you are a bigot. More and more people are quick to point out the fact that a person might be a "white male" ergo a racist but fail to see how they themselves are behaving like racists. Because you can't be a racist if you don't have power or something...

Free speech and open discourse is tool of the patriarchy and is actively being suppressed which creates more disenfranchisement in our society.

But that's alright with me. After a few more anonymous posts on the internet like this I can move back to Russia and dine with Putin and some Belorussian whores.

just a thot

anyone who deals with mexico on a daily basis knows that its the cartels financing the caravans coming uo to cause distraction and diversion at the border. hell, i know Mexicans who hate Trump and say his is doing the right thing by slowing the border crossings down. Lopez was threatened by the cartels about the gas line but he cut it off anyway and took the risk. yes, the cartels were stealing gas from the lines and forcing small owner gas stations to buy their gas or else. they couldn't do it to OXOXO because they are too big, but Lopez cut off the lines and now the gas is trucked with police exports. Lopez can stop it if he wants. it may be cheaper for him to build a wall of his own. its a shorter distance than ours thats for sure. all of the border cities are screaming about it too, but when you look at Mexico's population and them not having an electoral college and no runoffs then your main concern is Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara. Im sure the cartels have threatened him again. Whether Trumps tariff works or not will be whether he fears the cartel more than he does trying to look out for his country's best interest.

I Care

I don't think Mexico could stop the migrants...maybe slow them down a bit but not stop. We all know a wall won't work (sorry Trump). Migrants are breaching our walls every day. If we did not feed them, give them medical care, new clothes and transportation, it might help. I know, I know. They're humans, they're children and we have to do something to help. But the word is out to all potential refugees all over the world. Get to Mexico, cross the border and say the magic word "asylum." You're home free. Our only course of action is to send them back immediately. It would cost less in the long run.

just a thot

I guess you dont remember the protest during the Olympics in Mexico City in the 60's. Lasted a couple of minutes. They could stop the migrants. They could tell the United Nations to go screw themselves. They are letting them come in at their border by opening the gates. They could stop them if they wanted. Lopez is scared.

F.A. Sommerfeld

Vero mentioned in here - as a Republican.



"Veronica Escobar (R-Texas)"
Wow! Things really are changing.

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