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Who Cares

Agree. Did anyone notice that Beto couldn’t keep from moving in the shot of all the candidates standing at their podium. 9 of them kept their hands on the sides of the podium and Beto had his hands in front of him and kept moving.


I asked myself, "What country are you running for president in? Mexico?"


Leave it to El Paso's favorite son to be the first presidential candidate to look imbecilic in two languages. Makes you wanna run out and want to live in El Paso, don't it? How bad is Beto? I haven't voted R since '92, but I had to vote for Cruz because you have got to be friggin' kidding me. I actually gave Cruz a few bucks and sent an email on how to defeat Beto (WARNING: this is the part where I sound more egotistical than usual) but he ignored my advice and decided to keep running the most idiotic and the world's worst campaign that I've ever seen.

Poor El Paso

Beto looked weak. His message of come together is a wasted withering bone. Buttigieg, Castro, Harris, Warren and Booker with a Biden maybe will be the forerunners.

Give up Beto

Beto needs to drop out and move to Austin where he can write his journal and travel around the hill country smoking dope, eating Whataburger and skateboarding. He just doesn't have a single, solitary consistent message or policy. None. Maybe game show host is in his future.

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