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Norma for City Rep

Yes!! Norma please run against Cassandra. She is a puppet for the so called Progressives. We need a real leader.

F.A. Sommerfeld

Erin go bragh, cabrones!

why not

Why not? Dee Margo was a State Rep, Oscar Leeser is coming back, and Norma Chavez knows governance. She doesn't play games but knows how to play the game and she is not corrupt. Better than Cassandra even though the City budget is going to be a bitch.


My God, man! The next time you type something about Norma, could you please do it without an erection - it's that obvious. But seriously, I'm sure that you're correct in that she's using this C.B.A.C. thing-y as a stepping stone for something bigger. How do I feel about her being a City Rep? Well, it's literally impossible to do a worse job than what we currently have, and it's been a while since this town has had some comedic entertainment, so why the hell not? How's that for the luke-yist of lukewarm endorsements?

Max Powers


While it still works, I’m gonna make hay while sun still shines!



why not

Use it or loose it Max. Ref: Norma, she's incorruptible.

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